Flavor Name Flavor Description Flavor Brand
Jackson Blueberry Glazed Doughnut Dead Presidents
Jefferson Your favorite fruit cereal Krispy Treat Dead Presidents
Roosevelt Strawberry Watermelon Hardy Candy Dead Presidents
JW JW is proof that a really good vape is worth the wait. Uncle Junk spent months perfecting this blend of savory and sweet tobacco flavors. Uncle Junk's
Junkyard Scotch A blend of Bananas, Butterscotch and other subtle flavors. Uncle Junk's
Badd Nana Smooth combination of Bananas and Cream. Uncle Junk's
Blue Fog An intermingling of rare Berries and tart Citrus. Uncle Junk's
Flavor 1 Sweet sour mouth watering blue taffy. One Off
Flavor 2 Juicy fruity tropical punch One Off
Pure Pure is a mixed blend of strawberry, apple and watermelon that is sure to delight your taste buds. Aqua
Oasis Oasis is a one of a kind peach, cantaloupe and papaya island fruit mix. Aqua
Flow Flow is a smooth pineapple, guava and mango blend that is perfect for any time of the day. Aqua
CCD3 Caramel Ice Cream A  rich and creamy vanilla ice cream drizzled with the perfect touch of salted caramel. Charlie's
Chalk Dust
Purple Cake A gourmet, five layer wedding cake frosted with berry cream and freshly picked berries right to your taste buds. Charlie's Chalk Dust
Yellow Cake A warm, freshly baked butter cake frosted with a vanilla butter icing, combining for a rich, sumptuous savory dessert flavor with exceptional airiness. Charlie's Chalk Dust
Mr. Meringue Sweet meringue on the inhale followed by a real nice lemon and ending with more meringue and slight pie crust and cream. Charlie's Chalk Dust
Campfire Traditional nighttime treat with gooey fire roasted marshmallows, milk chocolate layer and sandwiched between two graham crackers. Charlie's Chalk Dust
Strawberry Peaches Tree ripened peaches and freshly picked strawberries. Fresh Squeezed
Pineapple Berries Tart pineapples and sugary sweet strawberries. Fresh Squeezed
Melon Medley A classic blend of summer melons with a hint of kiwi. Fresh Squeezed
Blueberry Bananas A creamy banana blueberry smoothie. Fresh Squeezed
Rou's A nutty tobacco blend featuring hazelnuts and hints of sweet vanilla. Enjoy this master crafted steeped hazelnut tobacco blend! VR Labs
Oak Traditional tobacco blend enhanced with subtly sweet and semi-spicy notes. We highly recommend giving this a try if you enjoy straight tobacco blends. VR Labs
VR4 A heavenly steeped caramel tobacco filled with delightful notes of vanilla bean. Sweet and earthy, it is an absolute pleasure to vape! VR Labs
Titanic Taste the ice that tore the legendary ship in half. VR Labs
Maille Breze Get wrecked with this satisfying blend of tropical fruits. VR Labs
Conqueror Bold intoxicating coffee liqueur as good as your favorite cup of joe. VR Labs
Bismark A sinful mix of berries dusted with a touch of sweetness. VR Labs
Bianca Rich, savoy, and creamy caramel dessert cookie. VR labs
Avenger Toasted, creamy, and nutty vanilla custard with a hint of fruit. VR Labs
Exclusive Reserve Smooth vanilla custard with dark, smoky bourbon undertones. Camelot
Excalibur A spiced apple pie baked in a warm cinnamon crust. Camelot
Snail Drops Grape Rainbow candy. Camelot
Snail Fluff Berry Cotton Candy. Camelot 
King Arthur Rich, bold morning coffee flavor with just a touch of milk and sugar.  Camelot
Beignet You'll wish you were sipping on a Cafe Au Lait with this flawless New Orleans Beignet flavor. Camelot
Cinnamon Glazed Blueberry Scone A decadent blueberry pastry smothered with cinnamon and sugar icing. If you love their Salted Caramel Macchiato, waiting until you pair it with this o Barista Brew
Salted Caramel Macchiato Salted Caramel Macchiato  Barista Brew
Jam Man Strawberry Your favorite freshly baked pastry filled with homemade Strawberry Jam. Jam Man
Jam Man Blueberry Your favorite freshly baked pastry filled with homemade Blueberry Jam. Jam Man
Berry Burst Strawberry square candy BigF'inDeal
Tiger's Blood Watermelon, coconut, strawberry candy BigF'inDeal
Zebra Stripe Zebra stripe gum BigF'inDeal
Purple Drank Grape Soda BigF'inDeal
Tang Tangy orange flavored drink BigF'inDeal
Crsp Fruity pebbles rice crispy treat BigF'inDeal
Boo Berry Marshmallow blueberry cereal BigF'inDeal
Cinnamon Swirl Cinnamon Cereal BigF'inDeal
Happy Melon Watermelon Hard Candy BigF'inDeal
Franklin Fluffy Belgian Waffles topped with sweet boysenberry syrup, butter, and fresh whipped cream. Sad Fathers
Washington A soft baked strawberry granola and oats cereal bar. Sad Fathers
Jefferson Sweet grape juice blended with tart pomegranate and a dash of citrus. Sad Fathers
Bad Joose Sweet vanilla pound cake infused with zesty blood orange. Saveur Vape
Golden Ticket This delicious chocolate-milk vape is light, creamy, and poised to become the next big thing. Saveur Vape
Flantastico Flan is everything you want out of an all day vape: smooth and creamy base paired with subtle nuances like orange zest and bourbon. Saveur Vape
Balanced Coconut and creams Saveur
Satisfying Raspberry and Dragonfruit iced tea Saveur
Refreshing Papaya, mango and cantaloupe Saveur
Strawberry Cupcake A blend of sweet strawberries and rich vanilla cake bring you a sweet yet savory vaping experience sure to be your new favorite! Far
Marshmallow Breeze An inhale of warm gooey marshmallow emerges first with deep reserves of sugary deliciousness. An exhale of refreshingly cool mint garnishes this vape. Far
Mango Coconut Balancing rich mango notes with just the right amount of sweet coconut milk creaminess. ONO
Strawberry Coconut Balancing delicious strawberry notes with just the right amount of sweet coconut milk creaminess. ONO
Coconut Milk Exquisitely balanced rich coconut milk. ONO
pumpcake Pumpkin roll cheesecake OhmSlaw
Vapebow Taste the Vapebow! A flavor that is reminiscent of one of your favorite childhood candies. OhmSlaw
Cinnasweet CinnaSweet is a cinnamon roll on steroids. You will get nuances of cinnamon, cream, butter, baked pastry, and more. OhmSlaw
Sherbisicle A combination of frozen treats that you "push up" with a popsicle twist!  OhmSlaw
CusterPie A pie made out of graham cracker crumbles, then filled with a decadent vanilla custard, and finally, drizzled with a salted caramel glaze on top. OhmSlaw
Sweet Tooth An amazing vanilla graham cracker cookie. Alpha
Churrberry Cheesecake A Fresh Churro Cheesecake topped with Strawberries. Cyber Liquids
White Girl Wasted An Upside Down Vanilla Mochaccin Cyber Liquids
Rangler A light touch of the traditional RY4 Flavors of Caramel and Vanilla and added a hint of Hazelnut. Enthusiast
The Harvey A complex and delicious blend of dark, oak barrel aged bourbon, toasted coconut, and brown sugar balanced by authentic Bavarian sweet cream. Enthusiast
Outlaw Outlaw is an all new take on a synthetic Tennessee Tobacco flavor. With the addition of a Natural Oak Wood extract this recipe takes Tennessee Tobacc Enthusiast
Blue Ridge Light and smooth blueberry tobacco blend. Enthusiast
Cool Ice This flavor combines a great rush of menthol coolness with just the right amount of mint to satisfy your needs Enthusiast
Strawberry Brulee Smooth Vanilla, roasted Caramel, and our own Strawberry Breeze flavoring, this luscious confectionery e-juice will satisfy fruit and dessert  vapers Enthusiast
Ohm Ali Boss Man's favorite flavor consists of sweet phyllo dough pastry with a creamy milky center sprinkled with pistachios. Enthusiast
Caramel Movacino Caramel and Chocolate splash together with Coffee & Vanilla to make for one enjoyable coffee based desert E-Liquid.  Enthusiast
Top Hat Toffee Very rich and sophisticated. Genuine top shelf toffee Signature
Delirious A fantastic blend of blackberries, strawberries and rasberries Signature
Creamy Custard The creamiest custard we could muster Signature
Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble A fresh baked cinnamon roll covered in blueberries and creamy icing Signature
Banana Cream Pie Creamy sweet banana, with a buttery graham cracker crust Signature
Apple Pie A La Mode Fresh baked apples, a flakey crust, and creamy vanilla ice cream Signature
The Lonely Comet A parfait of crunchy nuts and cream. Micro Brew
Grumpy Old Bastard Sara's pick as her favorite, a rich decadent butterscotch caramel cream. Micro Brew
One Eyed Turtle This is Boss Lady's favorite go to juice.  Deep fried soft pretzel dough topped with crumbled graham crackers and brown sugar Micro Brew
Cinnagoo The gooey sweet inside of a warm baked cinnamon bun. Flavors United
French Toast Knock out your tastebuds with French The Stick Toast! Golden Glove
Electric Punch A Refreshing Berry Lemonade Golden Glove
Blue Slushee Blue Slushee from The Hype Collection by Propaganda E-Liquid tastes like an ice-cold, perfectly-balanced blue raspberry slushee. The Hype
Strawberry Shortcake Jere's favorite flavor just ask him he will tell you!  A delicious blend of a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. Melts in your mouth! The Hype
Hype - Cotton Candy Mixed cotton candy! The Hype
Euro Gold The gold standard of e liquid is back. Naked 100 Tobacco E Liquid's Euro Gold delivers the sensation and flavor of a lite cigarette's tobacco. Naked 100
Cuban Blend A cigar tobacco flavor that would make just about any Cuban double take and wonder where the top shelf cigar scent is originating from. Naked 100
American Cowboy American Cowboy delivers the same flavor experience you would get from that red pack of analog cigarettes that so famously made the cowboy famous. Naked 100
Hawaiian POG Hawaiian Pog e juice consists of passion fruit, orange and guava to deliver a rich exotic fruit flavored experience. Naked 100
Very Berry A mix of fresh Blueberry, tangy Blackberry, tart Raspberry with cool undertones. Naked 100
Green Blast Sweetness of Honeydew, the crisp juicy tartness of Granny Smith Apple, and finishing with the zesty notes of Kiwi. Naked 100
Lava Flow Strawberry on the inhale, then finished with tangy pineapple and subtle notes of cream on the exhale. Naked 100
Very Cool Blueberry & blackberry on the inhale with subtle notes of tarty raspberry and menthol on the exhale. Naked 100
Brain Freeze A pairing of kiwi and pomegranate. Thesetwo contrasting flavors that come together beautifully into a menthol vape. Naked 100
Frost Bite pairs cantaloupe with honeydew and the chills it with a lovely dose of menthol. Naked 100
Amazing Mango A blend of mangoes, peaches, and cream. Naked 100
All Melon All of the best out of the best melons grown in one amazing vape! Naked 100
Swirl Swirl from Vape Pink E-Liquid tastes like perfectly whipped sherbet ice cream. Vape Pink
Cookie Butter Warm gooey oatmeal cookies dipped in milk and topped with brown sugar. Vape Pink
Chew Mouth watering pink chewy candy that leaves you always wanting more. Vape Pink
Taffy A sweet fruity blend of chewy candy. Gentlemans Draw
 Limoncello Cupcake A tasty frosted vanilla cupcake with a dash of lemon zest. Gentlemans Draw
Cafe Mocha A sweet mixture of espresso, cream and chocolate! Gentlemans Draw
Sweet Tobacco A malty blend of sweet caramel and tobacco. Gentleman's
Crumb Cake A bakery blend of cinnamon, sugar and sweet cake. Gentleman's
Apple Fritter This is Phil's personal favorite go to flavor.  Glazed cinnamon and sugar pastry with slices of juicy apples. Gentleman's
Lemon Meringue Pie Tangy lemon with a sweet and creamy finish and just a dash of graham cracker crust. Gentleman's
Mango Ice A sweet blend of mango and other tropical fruits with a refreshing menthol. Gentleman's
Peach Cobbler Baked sweet peaches, cinnamon, brown sugar and cream Gentleman's
Peppermint Stick Sweet peppermint with a refreshing menthol cooling effect. Gentleman's
Tropical Mango A sweet blend of mango and other tropical fruits. Gentleman's
Cool Orange Orange with a hint of cream & a mild cooling effect. Gentleman's
Cool Watermelon Watermelon & a hint of strawberry with mild menthol. Gentleman's
Guabana Berry Guabana Berry WTV House Fruit Flavors
Coconut Coconut WTV House Fruit Flavors
Peach Peach WTV House Fruit Flavors
Fuji Apple Pear Fuji Apple Pear WTV House Fruit Flavors
Banana Banana WTV House Fruit Flavors
Watermelon Watermelon WTV House Fruit Flavors
Bilberry Bilberry WTV House Fruit Flavors
Black Cherry Black Cherry WTV House Fruit Flavors
Strawberry Strawberry WTV House Fruit Flavors
Blackberry Blackberry WTV House Fruit Flavors
Strawberries and Cream Strawberries and Cream WTV House Fruit Flavors
Summer's End Summer's End WTV House Fruit Flavors
Blueberry Blueberry WTV House Fruit Flavors
Pomegranate Pomegranate WTV House Fruit Flavors
Peaches and Cream Peaches and Cream WTV House Fruit Flavors
Kiwi Strawberry Kiwi Strawberry WTV House Fruit Flavors
Honeydew Melon Honeydew Melon WTV House Fruit Flavors
Funky Monkey Funky Monkey WTV House Fruit Flavors
Wild Cherry Wild Cherry WTV House Fruit Flavors
Banana Strawberry Banana Strawberry WTV House Fruit Flavors
Raspberry Raspberry WTV House Fruit Flavors
Pineapple Pineapple WTV House Fruit Flavors
Green Apple Green Apple WTV House Fruit Flavors
Grape Grape WTV House Fruit Flavors
Cheeky Cherry Cheeky Cherry WTV House Fruit Flavors
Triple Berry Triple Berry WTV House Fruit Flavors
Guava Guava WTV House Fruit Flavors
Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit WTV House Fruit Flavors
Unicorn Tears

Melancholy blend of berries, fruits and tropical influences.
WTV House Fruit Flavors
Dirty Snow Dirty Snow WTV House Specialties
Magilla Gorilla Banana and Grape WTV House Specialties
Honeysuckle Honeysuckle WTV House Specialties
Sweet Vanilla Sweet Vanilla WTV House Specialties
Fruit Loop Holes  A delectable blend of fruity cereal and milk sure to delight any vaper. WTV House Specialties
Peanut Butter Peanut Butter WTV House Specialties
Hawk Sauce A complex blend of sweet and slightly sour berries, with a light hint of cool menthol. WTV House Specialties
Hazelnut Hazelnut WTV House Specialties
Moo Juice Fresh strawberries and sweet creamy pastries, this dessert flavor is perfect for any vaper.   WTV House Specialties
Blue Moo Blue Moo WTV House Specialties
Dragon Whisper Dragon Whisper WTV House Specialties
Cinnamon Butter Cinnamon Butter WTV House Dessert Flavors
Eclair Eclair WTV House Dessert Flavors
Dulce De Leche Dulce De Leche WTV House Dessert Flavors
Maple Pecan Maple Pecan WTV House Dessert Flavors
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Cinnamon Sugar Cookie WTV House Dessert Flavors
Lemon Meringue Pie Lemon Meringue Pie WTV House Dessert Flavors
Graham Cracker Graham Cracker WTV House Dessert Flavors
Apple Pie Apple Pie WTV House Dessert Flavors
Funnel Cake Funnel Cake WTV House Dessert Flavors
Apple Fritter Apple Fritter WTV House Dessert Flavors
Birthday Cake Birthday Cake WTV House Dessert Flavors
Dutch Apple Pie Dutch Apple Pie WTV House Dessert Flavors
Cheesecake Cheesecake WTV House Dessert Flavors
Banana Nut Bread Banana Nut Bread WTV House Dessert Flavors
Banana Cream Pie Banana Cream Pie WTV House Dessert Flavors
Vanishing Oatmeal Treats Vanishing Oatmeal Treats WTV House Dessert Flavors
Vanilla Custard Vanilla Custard WTV House Dessert Flavors
Cinnamon Roll Cinnamon Roll WTV House Dessert Flavors
Butter Pecan Butter Pecan WTV House Dessert Flavors
Caramel Apple Caramel Apple WTV House Dessert Flavors
Custard Custard WTV House Dessert Flavors
Caramel Caramel WTV House Candy Flavors
Cotton Candy Cotton Candy WTV House Candy Flavors
Pixie Dust Tangerine  WTV House Candy Flavors
Lava Bean Lava Bean WTV House Candy Flavors
Sweet & Tart Sweet & Tart WTV House Candy Flavors
Bubblegum (Juicy) Bubblegum (Juicy) WTV House Candy Flavors
Butterscotch Butterscotch WTV House Candy Flavors
Cappucino Cappucino WTV House Drink Flavors
Caribbean Breeze Caribbean Breeze WTV House Drink Flavors
French Vanilla French Vanilla WTV House Drink Flavors
Brandy Brandy WTV House Drink Flavors
Jager Bomb Jager Bomb WTV House Drink Flavors
Orange Cream Orange Cream WTV House Drink Flavors
Citrus Punch Citrus Punch WTV House Drink Flavors
Irish Cream Cream Liqueur. WTV House Drink Flavors
Kentucky Bourbon Kentucky Bourbon WTV House Drink Flavors
Jamaican Rum Jamaican Rum WTV House Drink Flavors
Energy Drink Energy Drink WTV House Drink Flavors
Bavarian Cream Bavarian Cream WTV House Drink Flavors
Hawaiian Drink Hawaiian Drink WTV House Drink Flavors
Caramel Latte Caramel Latte WTV House Drink Flavors
Pink Champagne Pink Champagne WTV House Drink Flavors
Hippie Juice Hippie Juice WTV House Menthol Flavors
Pineapple Peach Extreme Menthol WTV House Menthol Flavors
Black Ice Menthol WTV House Menthol Flavors
Smooth Ice Menthol WTV House Menthol Flavors
Blue Ice Menthol WTV House Menthol Flavors
Peppermint Peppermint menthol WTV House Menthol Flavors
Wintergreen Menthol Wintergreen WTV House Menthol Flavors
Spearmint Spearmint Menthol WTV House Menthol Flavors
Extreme Ice Menthol WTV House Menthol Flavors
Aqua Berry Blast Menthol WTV House Menthol Flavors
Thug Juice Menthol WTV House Menthol Flavors
USA Menthol Menthol Tobacco WTV House Menthol Flavors
Menthol Menthol WTV House Menthol Flavors
N.Port Menthol Tobacco WTV House Menthol Flavors
RY4 Tobacco WTV House Tobacco Flavors
Rum Tobacco WTV House Tobacco Flavors
Royal Tobacco WTV House Tobacco Flavors
Rich Tobacco WTV House Tobacco Flavors
USA Blend Tobacco WTV House Tobacco Flavors
7 Leaves Tobacco WTV House Tobacco Flavors
Cuban Black Tobacco WTV House Tobacco Flavors
Chocolate Swisher Tobacco WTV House Tobacco Flavors
Black Fire Tobacco WTV House Tobacco Flavors
Cowboy Tobacco WTV House Tobacco Flavors
Vanilla Rich Tobacco WTV House Tobacco Flavors
French Pipe Tobacco WTV House Tobacco Flavors
Black Honey Tobacco WTV House Tobacco Flavors
555 Tobacco WTV House Tobacco Flavors
Parliament Tobacco WTF House Tobacco Flavors
Phantom Tobacco

WTV House Tobacco Flavors